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Structural Items to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door

Once you have decided on the type, style, insulated or not, here are a few things to look for and ask about. Remember, you probably use this door more than your front door, and it is a wall that moves and rolls over your vehicle.

What type of rollers do you use?

We use 10 ball steel rollers, most with a nylon coating. Having good rollers is important to the operation of your door. This is what your door goes up and down on, and bad rollers can effect operation of the door and operator.

How is the door reinforced (strut bracing)?

How your door is reinforced is very important, if not done properly can be detrimental to the operation and the life of your door. When doors are not braced properly they will begin to sag, wear out other parts, and possibly damage sections. Also, if you have an operator or plan to purchase one, ask if reinforcement for the operator is included in the price and how this is done. The operator bracket should be the height of the top section and tied underneath the top section’s strut and screwed to the center hinge unless it is a side-mount operator.

If considering an insulated door, is it a steel front and back door or is the inside of the door vinyl-backed? What are the R-factors?

Speaking of R-factor, if heating and cooling your garage is important to you, looking up the specifications of your walls can be helpful. Paying extra for a high R-factor insulation when your walls insulation is not that high may or may not be worth it to you.

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