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How to Select a Garage Door for Your Business

Selecting a commercial garage door isn’t that much different from your home. Your emphasis will be on the mechanics of the door rather than the cosmetics.

What type of door do you need for the application?

  1. Sectional Steel (Standard type of garage doors)
  2. Sectional Aluminum (What you might find on most service bay shops)
  3. Rolling Steel (generally used in warehouses or places that a room needs sealed off for emergencies)
  4. Canister door (what you see on storage facilities)

Are you looking for insulated or non-insulated?

If insulated, how much insulation and is this a critical trait for the door? If so make sure you let the distributor know to avoid looking at doors that may not meet your criteria. Also, do you want a seal around the door to help keep wind out?

What type of material are the jambs made of (what the door frame is made of) — wood, steel or concrete?

The track will have bracket mount for wood jambs or reverse angle for steel or concrete.

How much room do you have above the top of the opening?

If you have a lot, do you want the door to take as much headroom as possible so you may utilize the space or is standard track acceptable for your situation? You may choose, if possible, to have your door go straight up, go up then back, standard track, or low headroom.

Does your door need to be wind loaded?

If the door is going on a new building or a remodel for which a permit has been pulled, your county may require it. Or you may just want to have the extra strength so during strong storms your door will hold up over time. Having your door properly strutted (braced) is imperative on commercial doors, and the larger the door the more important it is to have it structurally sound. While discussing the strength it is a good time to talk with them about hardware, rollers, and spring cycles. Having good hardware and rollers is also very important in the longevity of the door. Also, you may consider getting higher cycle springs as changing them out is more costly than residential and quite the chore if you want to tackle it yourself.

What kind of windows do you need?

You can do a few different things for windows in commercial doors. From one or two small windows to even having a full view section or two, be sure to install windows for a lot of light and ability to see what is going on outside your building.

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